Why Do we suffer from Allergies


Approximately 20% of Americans suffer from allergies, making it the sixth most prevalent condition in the country. Allergy is one of the most pervasive and debilitating diseases affecting the workplace today. Allergies account for approximately 10% of all lost workdays in this country. The cost of lost workdays and impaired productivity is over $11 billion per year.

Allergies frequently trigger asthma. Asthma is the most frequent cause for hospital admissions for children with, and it leads the list of childhood diseases causing significant loss of time from school. On average, asthmatic children miss twice as many school days as other children. Asthma and allergies lead the list of causes for absence from work and the resulting loss of production.

Despite improved understanding of and medications for asthma, mortality and morbidity associated with the disease continue to rise at an alarming rate along with related health care costs.

Recent studies have shown that referral to a Board Certified Allergist for aggressive management of the disease results in:

  • 68% to 73% fewer hospitalizations
  • 37% to 67% shorter hospital stays
  • 63% fewer return visits to the hospital
  • 50% to 76% fewer emergency room visits
  • 46% fewer sick care office visits
  • 33% to 50% less time lost from work and school
  • 90% reduction in per patient visits
  • Reduction in hospitalization cost



Allergy Facts:
Accurate diagnosis, education, and treatment by an independent Board Certified specialist:

  • Greatly improves quality of life

  • Allows you to engage in sports and outdoor activities

  • Reduces hospital and ER visits, also gives you the tools to control your disease process

  • Helps you understand the effects of your environment

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